I can’t thank you enough for coming to visit. Whatever has brought you here; meeting me personally, a referral from a friend, a slight or deep interest in dogs or a choice clicked link- means your an inquisitive individual. And for that, you're already a friend. Welcome. Wherever you are please pull up a chair and relax. If you smoke, light yourself a nice pipe. If you drink, pour a tall glass of your favorite beverage. My name is Erik and you can come here whenever you like. If its knowledge, interest, resolution of canine difficulty your seeking- your in the right place. My philosophy is simple: "Be free and enjoy your dog". No other animal on the planet occupies human dwellings as dense as the dog. As of this writing, 73 million dogs reside in homes right here in the United States. That does not include shelters, wild or unregistered dogs. One in four homes keep at least 1-2 dogs. 

As a percentage dogs 'accounted' for complete and exceed a quarter of our population. The true number is and always will be unknown. For an animal as close to us as the dog, it is extremely important you are accustomed to the facets and extraordinary capabilities our bond can make, have, and leave on you for a lifetime. In an era of fast pace technology and quick fulfillment it's easy to get overwhelmed with things like training an animal as old and undeveloped as a caveman. In that fur covered body is our past however. And something that we very much, still are today.  There are many dog trainers out there, all with their own methods and techniques. I salute them for participating in the coexistence of man and dog, for the better and the beauty. Along with them, I will see to it that you have the backbone and the spirit to enjoy a full hearted unfaltering life with your extended family member. Your dog.