Erik Ocasio has been no stranger to success over the years. At only 10 years old he was tapped to join kennel and rescue groups throughout northern New Jersey. 
He has worked dogs in retrieval, nosework, tracking, obedience, canine good citizen, therapy service, moderate to severe behavior modification, alerting, agitation, and intensive physical endurance. 

His old school technique focuses on the natural instincts, drives and primitive needs of a dog. Ocasio has been working with dogs for over 15 years and formed EJO Dog Training in 2013 as a vehicle for his own artistic vision: simple, engaging, no bullshit dog training. Erik Ocasio’s unique, hands-on approach to learning about canines provides a positive, life-changing experience for the people who participate. 


Grabbing hold of a rope to a leash and being able to train a dog is truly an art. But to pass that painted portrait onto another is a completely different skill. To hand over confidence and assuredly vivid talent to a person through example and unminced words, is a smoke that clings onto those who engage in the conditioning of their dogs. Without fluffing up, complicating and buttering basic principles of dogs, it would almost seem like common sense to train them, only it isn’t. With thousands of dog trainers out there and even more ways of training, it's easy to get lost in the jungles of he said/she said. For Erik, “it's about creating dogs that last.” He says “No dog is bad, it's just learned. At the end of the day I merely want to be a great dog trainer.  Everybody has their ways, mine are just to the point.”



                Est. 40,000 BC

“There was a time when dog and human were truly inseparable. They crossed continents, hunted together, ate together, slept on the ground together─they screamed at the moon around a blazing fire. They could look into each others eyes and read one another. There was a time when dog and human were friends. ” -Erik